Creativity is our fuel


Dynamic, innovative and flexible. MAD ROCKET ENTERTAINMENT is a young film production company dedicated to the development of genre projects and the discovery of new talents. Founded by the expertise of the four founding members, Alessio Liguori, Daniele Cosci, Alessandro Risuleo and Simone Bracci, Mad Rocket Entertainment is carrying on several international works with particular reference to the genres like horror, fantasy and supernatural kind of movies.


Production of audiovisual content, commercials, music videos, or short films is made up of various components, ranging from the operational to the organisational, and a superior level of experience and know-how is especially crucial in the organisational stages. Our team closely monitors workflow at all stages of the project in order to ensure successful completion within the agreed timeframe.


Our services are tailored to meet individual requirements. Various professionals collaborate with our group and are integrated into the process based on the specific needs of the project. Preparing a product for the market also requires superior understanding, particularly in the international field, of the communication techniques necessary to effectively present the product itself. Our focus is directed at "packaging" what starts as a simple idea into a polished finished product.


We offer original and effective solutions for all graphic design, advertising, internet, multimedia and video needs. We work closely with our clients in order to guarantee results that always meet their expectations.
Thanks to the in-house presence of Visual Creative Studio and the considerable expertise in the world of internet and applied multimedia, we are able to apply specific functional strategies in order to achieve our objectives, and choose the most appropriate technologies to carry them out.
MAD ROCKET ENTERTAINMENT is dynamic, innovative and versatile: Our team ensures that 100% attention is dedicated to each individual project. Every possible detail is covered. From the ideas themselves, to the technology employed to realize them, this is a video production service that deals with everything from the creative department to executive production.

Our team

Alessandro Risuleo

Art Director/Producer

Alessio Liguori


Daniele Cosci


Simone Bracci

Marketing manager

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