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Mad Rocket Entertainment - showreel 2017

Our production

In the trap

Written by Daniele Cosci and Alessio Liguori
Directed by: Alessio Liguori
Genre: drama / psychological horror
Type: feature film
status: fund raising

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Written by Daniele Cosci
Directed by: Alessio Liguori
Genre: urban fantasy
type: TV series
status: in development

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Come back

Written by Daniele Cosci and Alessio Liguori.
Directed by: Alessio Liguori
Genre: drama / horror
type: short movie
status: completed

L'ora del buio

Directed and written by Domenico de Feudis
GENRE: thriller / horror
Type: short movie
status: completed

Our Services


Creativity, ideas and professional skills
All hallmarks that distinguish our work. Mad Rocket offers a complete range of services, starting from the concept until to the final screenplay for each single kind of audiovisual products.


A cohesive team and tested "on field"!
Camera crew, locations, studios and chroma keys effects are available to suit the needs of our clients. Once more, a team of filmmakers, casting directors, special effects and makeup artists, set designers, toolmakers, stuntman etc. A working group that aims to success!


An advanced postproduction
Our postproduction uses the latest technology and includes all these following services: editing, motion graphic (2D-3D), CGI and VFX, color correction and color grading, compositing.


Production at 360 °
Our international experience on film and television markets becomes a powerful expertise that we want to provide to all our customers and partners, creating a successful partnership based on professional respect and mutual trust.

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